One of the seven historic cities of Delhi.

Legend has it that anyone make a city in Delhi would eventually fall out of power, the last example being New Delhi by the English.

In the 1320 CE Ghiasuddin Tughlak known as a headstrong tyrant in history built the Tughlakabad city in the outskirts of the present day New Delhi.

He founded this city of Tughluqabad.

After Ghiyasuddin Tughlaq's death, succeeded Muhammad bin Tughluq, the infamous ruler who constantly moved the capital and its population between Delhi and Daulatabad.

Now Tughlakabad fortification is a sprawling ruins. The tomb is an ASI preserved monument.

Tughlakabad Fort

overlooking the suburban Delhi.

Ghiyasuddin Tughlaq Tomb

Ghiyasuddin Tughlaq, or Ghazi Malik (Ghazi means 'fighter for Islam'), was the founder of the Tughluq dynasty in India, who reigned over the Sultanate of Delhi from 1320 to 1325. He died under mysterious circumstances in 1325. The wooden pavilion erected for his reception collapsed killing him and his second son Mahmud Khan.

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