Taj Mahal

Taj was closed on the day I landed in Agra. Just because of that I went around to see a different taj...

From its architectural point, if you thought it's symmetry was the most peculiar thing, you are wrong. If you thought it not, you are further wrong!

Every piece in the Taj , including those trees, once lined its garden were done with symmetry. There is even this massive structure built in the complex , called Jawab (literally means 'answer' to match the mosque in the garden next to Taj.

The tomb of Mumtaz Mahal is at the very center of this symmetry. It has to be... Mumtaz was the very reason for Taj.

So many years later, when Shah Jahan's tomb had to be built, and that too next to the tomb of Mumtaz , there was no choice but to break the symmetry for the first time in its design!

See also the Poor man's Taj!

Taj From Agra Fort

Probably the same view Shah Jahan had during his final days from the prison in the fort.

This is how I saw the Taj for the first time.

This is one my favorite shots, despite that dust on the lens. I was inside the second floor of jahangiri mahal inside the Agra Fort. Casually came to the window on the Yamuna side. Lo.

Mehtab Bagh

This is across the Yamuna River, behind Taj Mahal. I took a long detour from the city, crossed Yamuna and navigated my way through the villages to get behind the Taj.

Non Touristy side of Taj

This was shot on a Friday. Friday is special , because Taj is closed on Fridays.

Taj from Yamuna side

Taj seen from the Yamuna Riverbed. Photograph taken from National Highway 44 (NH 44) near Agra Fort

The Other side of Taj

This is the rear side of Taj.

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