Road Show!

A collections of photographs, mostly taken on roads in Kerala,Karnataka and Tamilnadu states in southern India.

Was crossing the Rajiv Ghandi National Park (Nagarhole forest). This spotted deer fawn appeared from nowhere and started moving around on the road. Shot with a the zoom lens at its long end (250mm)from quite a distance, so the deer was not aware of my car. I slowdown down and made a few shot before the fawn would move away. Suddenly that jeep appeared , the stunned fawn ran away into the bushes. By the way you can see in the background a traffic signpost warning of elephants!

Chill Madi!!! (Just chill out!!!) - Someone got excited and wrote it on the road. Considering the scenic beauty of the forest, it's no surprise. Shot on the way to Kannur from Coorg.

Between Kancheepuram and Arakkonam. The tree looked quite interesting so took this shot.

The British East India company cleared of these natural forests and planted teak for obvious commercial reasons. However this region is still considered as reserve forests.That's a good news!

It's a puzzle!
Guess where is this?
The milestone reads : Bangalore - 245km, Mysore - 108km, Madikeri - 52km, Virajpet - 22km. The only other clue is it's the State Highway 91.

A not so common traffic warning.

Shot during one of those monsoon months on the way to Subrahmaniya from Madikeri.

On the way to Coorg

On Hunsur Road between Mysore and Coorg

Mik and Sugar

Milk trying to overtake sugar. Somewhere near Pollachi, Tamilnadu.

Omega Bend

Probably you would've seen U bends , S bends and even hairpin bends...this one is inside Thirunelli forest in Wayanad

Drying corn hay on the road near Basluru, Karnataka

A very typical village scene. The vehicle traffic over the hay helps to seperate the corn. By evening they remove the hay and sweep the corn that lies beneath it on the road. Cool!

Agumbe Hairpin

Agumbe is a small village located in Shimoga district, Thirthahalli taluk in the Malnad region of Karnataka. View from the sun set point on the Ghat section.

Milk Tanker

Milk Tanker on NH 44


On the highway somewhere near the Ajanta Caves

Road in Coorg

After Madikei town, towards Mangalore

Mail Van

Postal Department van in Agra

Fawn at Nagarhole

A stunned fawn on the highway that crosses Nagarhole forest

Chill Madi!!

Chill Madi!! (Just chill out!!!)


Tree on the way to Kancheepuram


Bangalore - 245km, Mysore - 108km, Madikeri - 52km, Virajpet - 22km

Teak forest in Wayanad

Madikeri to Subrahmaniya

Elephant on the road

A little before the Belle forest camp in the Nagarhole forest.


Inside Meenakshi Temple at Madurai