Identity Design

Ideating the identity design for my website....

How to design the identity for this website? I've been chewing on this idea for quite some time.

I wanted the identity to represent the characteristics of this web portal, and a little bit about me as well.

I'm into amateur photography, an archeology geek, a history enthusiast, do oil painting.... this potpourri is essentially the theme of this website.

First, I wanted to focus on a logo design, an important item in the identity design.

Here is how the logo design evolved..


Typically a logo contains two elements in the design : Graphics & Text

I was very particular that I should be able to use these two elements separately as well as in juxtaposition.

Means, both the text and graphics to be designed keeping in mind they should be usable separately as well.

I took the graphics first and text later.


I sketched over 30 to 40 concepts.

Finally selected the two hands theme you see in the logo.The two hands in a composition posture unmistakably carries the element of photography. And also creative art in general.

This two hands concept is overwhelmingly organic. I was keen to have a geometric aspect as well.

From a use point, I needed graphic envelope to be compact and simple.

T wanted to use this as an icon, favicon, in subtle watermarks , in other graphical elements of the website. Another area I considered is, the graphics should be recognizable even in the smallest form.

In a typical logo, circles, ovals , squares etc appeared cliche for me. So went for the diamond. Softened its corners a bit to harmonise with the hand element, which is organic.

Of the many concepts I tried, I liked this theme sofar. So did others, whom I shown the many concepts to critique. The metaphor is frozen.

Now from concept to design.

Somehow my hand didn't appeal to me like a good model to create that composition element in the logo. My wife's hand came handy as a model to sketch the outline!

I'm a fan of minimalism in design. Superimposed and subtracted the hand out of the diamond. Lo. The graphic element of the logo is ready.


Now the difficult part. I wanted the text to be tight and represent the artistic element well. Papyrus font theme came as a great inspiration.

I thought the text should carry the domain name rather than just my name. That's the whole point about this identity design.

Therefore, instead of just pratheep in the text element.

Now, positioned both the text and graphics into a single composite logo. Lot of time was spend to make 10-15 possibilities.

The challenge was balancing the visual weight of each elements. Where's the visual center gravity of the logo? Tried the composition on various sizes, colors, black and white, challenging backgrounds etc etc.

By this time I was heavily biased and attached to these designs. Means, I was of no use as a design critique! Asked a few people to critique. Made changes and frozen the final version.

The elusive ® in the logo

Though my website is not a commercial one, I thought it's a good idea to get the logo registered.

Indian intellectual property process - though not very expensive - can test your patience. I wanted to do it my own just for the heck of it, and give any professional agencies a break.

Applied to the Trademarks Registry with the needed paperworks and fees. Responded to the objections, like a pro (!)

In just under four years I received the registration certificate. That how the ® symbol finally found its way to this logo!

Grining ear to ear :)

Ideating the Identity

How the idea evolved

Logo Graphics