Site of the architecturally thrilling 5 storied step well in Gujarat.

Adalaj in Gujarat is located about 18 kilometers north of Ahmedabad. The well located in the village square is a popular attraction.

This sub terrain structure looks very simple from outside. Bus as you decent down, a thrilling architecture unfolds. The well is located many stories down. This 15th century structure was commissioned to serve both religious and utilitarian purposes.

According to one folklore the well was commissioned by Rani Rudabai, the queen of the Vaghela king Veer Singh . Sultan Mahmud Begra was attracted to the beauty of the queen. He killed the king thinking that the queen would be forced to marry him. The queen promises the Sultan that she would marry him once the well construction is completed, which she started in memory of her slain husband. On completion the queen committed suicide by jumping into the well.

The Architecture is a fine example of what is called the Indo-Islamic style. The Hindu and Islamic style motifs are generously used to decorate this five storied well.

Stone Bracket Adalaj Stepwell

This overlooks the circular waterbody below.

Adalaj Stepwell

I felt a bit nervous to walk around, as there are no balustrades , in this five tried structure.