Ancient temple carved with soapstone sculptures

Hosaholalu is an important Hoysala temple site in Karnataka. The Lakshminarayana Temple in Hosaholalu is a typical example of the Hoysala style temple architecture.

The whole temple is decorated with carved with soapstone sculptures. K R Pet is the nearest main town. K R Pet can be easily accessed from cities like Mysore. Well connected by road to Mysore (45km) & Hassan(60km).

Durga slaying Mahishasura

Mahishasura is a buffalo demon in Hindu mythology, known for deception and who pursued his evil ways by shape shifting into different forms. He was ultimately killed by Durga in her Mahishasuramardini form. It is an important symbolism-filled legend in Hindu mythology, particularly Shaktism. Image at Hosaholalu temple.

Vishnu on Ananta-Shesha

image from Hosaholalu temple

Vishnu and Lakshmi

Lakshminarayana Temple, Hosaholalu

Unusual for a Temple

I've seen such image in a few other Hoysala period temples. Not sure what was the circumstance to include a western costumed theme, among the otherwise traditional themes.


see Ganesh and Subrahmaniya , on either sides

Lakshminarayana Temple in Hosaholalu

The whole temple is built with soapstone blocks.

krishna lifting govardhan

Krishna lifting Govardhana hill, use it as an umbrella to protect the inhabitant from the deluge. Note the calf licking his right hand! Image on the outer wall of the Hosaholalu temple.

Garuda at Lakshminarayana Temple, Hosaholalu

Garuda carrying Vishu and Lakshmi on his shoulder. Garuda ( mythical eagle) is considered Vishnu's vehicle.


Riding the elephant called Airavat. seated behind indra is his consort, Indrani.

Kaliya and Krishna

Krishna dancing on the rogue snake called Kaliya. Carving of this popular mythical theme at the Lakshminarayana Temple in Hosaholalu.

Hosaholalu Village

Hosaholalu village

Cricket at Hosaholalu, Mandya District, Karnataka


carvings at Hosaholalu

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