Oil Paintings

Some of my paintings and sketches....

I was trained in watercolor during my early school days. Oil painting is something I self-taught in later years.

My techniques and a practice are not very professional....I'm a perfectionist fanatic, meaning I wanted to replicate the original as much photorealistic as possible.

I selected only originals ( photographs ) as the master for my paintings.

Oil Painting

One the few paintings I still hold. Guess I painted this in 1994, during my college days. Saw the original photograph in a coffee table book. Looking at this painting, many thought it as a photograph. Yes it's a photograph of a painting of a photograph!

'The Peruvian Boy'

There was a very popular poster called 'The Peruvian Boy'. I liked the reddish skin tone. This is shot during the base layer painting.

'The Peruvian Boy'

...with some more details as progressed with the work.

'The Peruvian Boy'

The painting is still unfinished....some. I'll complete this...may be in the months to come...

'The Peruvian Boy'

... close up to show the technique used.

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