This scenic village is an important place of pilgrimage.

The waterfall next to the temple makes it an ideal tour spot too.
According to myths Lakshmana created this stream by an arrow to create a bathing spot for Sita. Though the waterfall is very noisy, you cant here the sound of the gushing water from inside the temple.

Chunchunkatte is about 50 kilometers by road from Mysore. Head for KR Nagara from Mysore and then ask for direction to Chunchanakatte. You would be shown a road on your left . Then it's about 16 kilometers of ride on a road that snakes through a number of agriculture villages.

Caution: The monkeys here are very pushy and bold. Be careful with your belongings. They are always on the look to snatch bags ( for food). Be prudent and just ignore them, you'll be fine. By the way never roam around here wearing that T-shirt with banana image printed on it!

chunchuna katte Fall

River Kaveri Makes a cascaded fall from a height of about 20 meters. One of the cascades in the picture.

Sedimentary rocks at Chunchuna katte falls

These are types of rock formed by the deposition and subsequent cementation of that material.

Krishna Dancing

Image outside the Lord Kodandarama Temple , near Chchuna Katte Falls

Kodandarama Temple at Chunchunkatte

There is an ancient temple is dedicated to Lord Kodandarama. The uniqueness of the idol installed here is that Sita is standing to the right side of Sri Rama instead of the usual left.