Beach driving at Muzhappilangad

It sounded a bit crazy when I heard it first, and looked even more crazier when we drove to the seaside

It sounded a bit crazy when I heard it first, and looked even more crazier when we drove to the seaside. This is the only beach I've seen where one can take a car or bike all the way up to the water.

We were told to visit the beach as early as possible in the morning. That proved to be good suggestion. We were staying at the state run Tamarind in Kannur town. Muzhappilangad is a good 20km south on the NH17. We almost missed the deviation to the beach, though there was a signpost.

It's already 7 in the morning. A few catamarans where offloading the day's catch - Mussels locally called Kallummakaya. A little away on the beach wholly ball game in progress. Otherwise it was pretty empty for kilometers.

We thought of getting into the water first before that much anticipated drive along the coastline. The waves in Muzhappilangad is a lot gentler, and quite shallow. It was hardly strong enough to topple our 2 years old daughter, though she was standing at knee-deep in the water. I could even see people walking quite a distance into the sea, where the rocky outcrops protrudes through the surface. These rock formations soften the waves.

Its safer to drive much close to the sea, almost touching the water, than the further away from the water. That was another surprising revelation. Close to the sea the sand is wet and no way the wheels would sink. It felt as if driving on any road. On the other hand driving was wobbly on the dry loose sand, I felt the wheels could get stuck anytime.

Oh yes. I said we found two types of drivers (not divers!) on the beach. The first ones, the learner drivers. What a safe (and great!) place to learn driving! Even my wife clocked her best, a whooping 90kmph, and I never felt nervous though siting inside that car!

The second lot is of course the curious drivers like us who brought their cars and bikes to try some beach driving.

Driving on Muzhappilangad beach

Laya took this shot while I was freaking with the waves.

Dharmadam Island from Muzhappilangad beach

Dharmadam Island or the Green Island in the background