Nungu (நுங்கு)

Palm left plate for serving tender palm fruit kernel

Nungu (நுங்கு)

A very typical nungu sale outlet!

A very typical nungu sale outlet!


It’s much welcomed when driving through the arid countryside in Tamilnadu. Even after hours on the highway, one may not find a decent looking restaurant.

But that can not be a reason to worry. You are more likely to see someone standing by the highway, his bicycle overwhelmed with that purple coloured tender palm fruit.

Using a sickle, they skillfully takes out the tender kernel, 3 in each fruit. The thick kernel holds a mouthful juice (slurp, again!!)

What more, nothing can match the way Nungu(நுங்கு) is served, it that skillfully crafted palm leaf plate.

A fruit (3 kernels) can cost anything from Rs10 to 20, depending on where you buy it.

Before eating, peel off that whitish skin over over the kernel as much as possible. Also don’t keep the extricated kernel for long before consumption. Ask the seller to cut the most tender fruit.

All the above can reduce that mild bitter taste associated with this otherwise sweetish fruit.